Mobil Mart Merchandising Guide Cover

The conversion effort of the Mobil service stations was the illustrating work of DS Grafx including the cover for the merchandising guide (left).

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Mobil Speedpass Marketing Piece

Mobil 1 bottle

The Mobil 1 V-Twin label design (left and above) was the second 'illustration/logo' of it's kind created by DS Grafx. An illustration as well as a stand-alone logo, it combines distinctiveness and greater appearance of quality without any increase in package production cost. Good design costs the same as bad design and Mobil Oil knows a good deal when they see it and DS Grafx has figured prominantly in their corporate design and marketing graphics over the years. The Mopar dragster illustration was used for the Mobil 1 15W-50 Synthetic label. (right and above)


Mobil One V-Twin Label Mopar Formula 15W-50

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International Label Design
International Mobil One logo Mobilube logo

Mobil One Label

The Formula One Mobil 1(left and above left) was an international label because of the popularity in foreign markets of open wheel racing compared to the popularity of NASCAR in the United States.

The Mobilube logo (right and above right) was a label design by
DS Grafx for a series of Mobilube products for the Mobil International market.

Mobil One Label Mobilube International
Logo for Mobil Publication
Clockwise from top;
Right facing Pegasus (1965);
(middle) Mobil Quarterly logo;
DS Grafx product photography, "Grease Cartridge" (far right);
computer graphic illustration of pallet of 5-gallon grease buckets (below middle);
computer graphic illustration of 50-gallon drum stacks (below);
(right) Mobil Quarterly publication, cover art-work computer graphic illustration and logo designed by
www.DS Grafx.com

Retrofit Design for Hosepump

DS Grafx's 'decorated pump designs' were utilized both as decals and as placard displays above the pumps. What started out as an attempt to cover-up scratched and damaged pumps, turned into a nationwide, industrywide design effort.


Architectural drawings are not fine art, but they are an important part of industrial design. Here are just a handful of the hundreds that DS Grafx produced for Mobil utilizing computer graphics software.
Mobil Oil modernized it's image, in the 1960's, with the innovation of the Mobil logofont and the Mobil logo. The 'clean, uniformed corporate look' was unique within the oil industry and was seen as a metaphor for a bright new future for America.

Mobil Station Retrofit

Retrofit Design for Service Station
In 1990, DS Grafx was hired to computerize Mobil's entire graphic guidelines publications. By the 1990's, the Mobil Oil look needed to be modernized again. Mobil's long tradition of graphic standardization in their marketing stretched back to the 1930's with the 'Mobilgas' and red Pegasus logo.
After doing an excellent job of updating their extensive documentation, DS Grafx was employed to update and modernize their aesthetic in advertising and marketing.
Mobil's decision to modernize their aesthetic in advertising and packaging was pervasive throughout the corporation, and DS Grafx, inspired by the trust of the corporate leadership, spent over five years presenting attractive package designs and marketing solutions for in the world's second largest company.
Mobil Station Retrofit

Mobil One Corvette Oil Cap

The Mobil 1 oil cap prototype (left) was designed by DS Grafx in 1995 for the Corvette 40th anniversary model in 1997. It was created at the request of the CEO of Mobil, approved by him and was subsequently passed on to Roger Penske and General Motors.

The Two-Stroke Mobil 1 logo (right) was the second of its synthetic motorcycle lubricants and the first label design for DS Grafx in the early nineties.

Two-Cycle Label

"On The Run", 32 oz wrap around cup

Three kinds of graphic representations: posterized image of Lowes Motorspeedway (left);
Mobil Racing trading card (top right); two-color etching made for a poster (below right).

Vehicles Graphics Guidelines
Vehicles Graphics Guidelines
Vehicles Graphics Guidelines

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