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About DSGrafx

I am David Skibiak, a graphic designer in suburban Washington D.C. area for over thirty years, and a print maker for twenty-five years at the Torpedo Factory Art Center in Alexandria, VA. I started DS Grafx in 1998, after working for Mobil Oil Corporation through the nineties up until the merger with ExxonMobil. DS Grafx is a growing graphic art firm doing work for clients such as the Washington Redskins, the Public Broadcasting Service and the Environmental Protection Agency as well as small and medium sized businesses.

Electronic media is evolving almost on a daily basis, the classic traditions of making art, on the other hand – print making, drawing, painting, etc., have changed little if at all. As a graphic designer who works in both the graphics arts field and as a fine artist, the desire to integrate the huge advances in digital technology into my art is a driving force. As a print maker and an instructor at the Torpedo Factory Art Center I have exhibited my work in local and regional competitions winning numerous awards for my etchings and lithographs. No matter what medium or means of communication is your creative source, this is an amazing time for visual artists.