The single most important aspect of your companies image is the trust and confidence the logo inspires. A logo has to be unique, elegant and simple enough for people to remember, but it must still convey the prestige, professionalism and quality of the company and the services that it provides. Combining graphic skills and prompt service, a winning logo from DS Grafx can be your key to success!
Fast, LLC Tropical Outfitters Paradise Platinum Software
Redskins Hospitality House Secure Software EPA
Mobil Quarterly Publication Burroughs Catering Classic Crs

Here is what we like to see when we create a logo, lots of ideas. These are a little more polished than what is usually considered the first draft, but as you can see, one idea leads to another. Color becomes real important, (how many, which ones?) not so much at first, but as the logo starts to take shape; then the typography, fonts, scale, and so on. Then as a version gets closer to completion, fine tuning occurs and discussions and decisons follow. But it all begins with the designer and a pad and pencil.

When we start a logo design we will promise you three finished designs from which to choose, much like what you see here. We then work together closely to see your brand to the finish. There are several packages from which to choose that include usage of the logo for your stationary, packaging and other media needs.

Logo design is largely the ability to create tension with recognizable images or typography to convey, in the simplist way, an aspect which best reflects a company image. Like any good design project, a logo requires a lot of thought before, during and after you're sure you've got it "right". So, how do you find someone who can do graphic design and how will you know it when you've got it "right"?. Good design costs the as much as bad design, and finding someone who can make your vision manifest is the key, so, ask your friends, colleagues, college roommates, but don't ask your secretary.

Or you could save yourself time & money and call DS Grafx @ (703) 560-0009.

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