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Raku is a low fired form of pottery developed in sixteenth-century Japan. The firing involves heating glazed pieces to over 1850 degrees Fahrenheit; and then removing the ware from the kiln while red-hot. The hot pottery is placed in combustible organic materials which burst into flames. A cover is placed over the materials to reduce the oxygen supply to the fire. Shortly after this reduction process the work is quickly cooled using cold water. The violent and rapid changes in heat, and the reduction technique the pieces are subjected to, help achieve the attractive surface qualities unique to raku. Metallic, luster, matte, and crackle glazes are features of the raku process. Mike and Monique fire in a kiln they built. Each piece is one-of-a-kind
Gate PotTerra Sigillata Vase
Mike and Monique Thomas have played a significant role in the Virginia Beach art community for the past decade. As organizers of local art events, as well as teaching and directing the ceramics program at The Contemporary Art Center of Virginia for seven years, the two award-winning artists have over 30 years experience as potters.
Strongly influenced by Japanese ceramics, Mike and Monique are known for their experimental works. Each work is one-of-a-kind and is fired in a kiln the couple built. The Thomas's have attended summit meetings in Hiroshima and Kyoto, Japan.
Ahah Pots Raku Bamboo Pot Raku Tea Caddy
Extrusions Raku Vase Small Raku Bowl
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