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PBS Portfolio

Packaging Design

Cover designs of promotional materials created for the Public Broadcasting Service.

DS Grafx’s ‘in-house’ packaging design capability is used by businesses large and small, including the Public Broadcasting Service. Creating camera ready CD/DVD covers, VCR tape jackets and other related promotional merchandise for their on-air fund raising effort, what started out as a one-time design project for PBS resulted in the generation of dozens of promotional items. Almost immediately DS Grafx ws charged with creating a template and several examples of cover designs for the PBS Program Guide.
Packaging design is the last 10% of any organizations’ marketing cost even though it is crucial for a companies success. Since most companies can’t afford an in-house design department, outsourcing becomes a viable alternative where a critical decision of choosing a design firm with proven track record is the most reliable way of judging possible competitors.
By choosing design standards employed at the top level of the publishing profession, DS Grafx delivers the marriage of commerce and art.