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Washington Redskins

In all aspects pertaining to any racial insensitivity of the previously named Washington team, I have to pause and mention that I worked for them and produced a large volume of material that utilized the name and logo which, at the time, was integral part of the NFL and not seen as taboo. The Redskins Weekly newspaper, the stadium program, The Insider, Washington Redskins Leadership Council and the Darrell Green’s Youth Life Foundation were all part of working with editors and writers in their production for the 2000 and 2001 seasons. DS Grafx created in-house logos, product photography, cover art and packaging for various Redskins products, including video boxes and publications.

2001 Washington Redskins Media Guide, 300 pages formatted, designed with digital layout by DS Grafx

Washington Redskins Weekly Magazine, forty-eight pages of articles and ads.

NFL Insider Redskins stadium magazine, sixty-four page program published for each home game.

Graphic of Christmas ornament for the December issue of the NFL Insider stadium program.

Logo for the Redskins Weekly summary and statistics department.
December issue of the NFL Insider stadium program.
Kids activity coloring book created for the Leadership Council.
Redskins Weekly subscription tabloid.
Poster montage for Darrell Green and the Youth Life Foundation.
Four-color etching artwork created for tabloid-sized poster for the Monday Night Football.
Three Lombardi Trophies artwork for 2001 Washington Redskins Media Guide.